Wake up Call

By | December 9, 2013


“Good morning lovely, how is my babygirl this morning?” his voice carried into the phone with a soft whisper.

“Oh, good morning Daddy” she said, her voice still thick with sleep.

They chit chatted for a few minutes; he had already been up for a while and was on his way to work. As was the norm each day he called her on his way to work, her morning wake up call. Each day started with them talking as they prepare to start the day.

He kept the conversation light at first allowing her time to awaken.

After a few minutes though his voice changed; taking on a deeper timber, huskier as he talked to her now ready to rouse her fully.

“I thought of you last night girl” he said; “How you had your freebie, knowing how that pussy is never really satisfied by just one orgasm.”

“How it can be achy, needy, and oh so greedy, always wanting just one more.”

“Get you hand on that pussy now girl!”

Quickly she replied; “Yes Daddy,” as she complied with his demand.
She gasped as her hand came to rest on her already moist pussy.

A smile came across his face hearing her gasp as he continued.

“I thought of you on your knees before me, totally naked, your head resting against my crotch as I stroked your hair with my hands.”

He heard purring through the phone as he spoke and she rubbed that wet pussy.

“My hand entwines in your hair, pulling your head away from me as my other hand unzips my slacks. Releasing my cock from its confinement I guide your mouth to it. I stop you just as your mouth reaches the tip. Your tongue flicking out to lick it, swirling around it, tasting it, breathing in my musky scent.”

The purrs on the other end of the phone now become soft mewlings of delight.

“My hands still in your hair I guide your mouth slowly down the length of my hardened shaft. I look down at you, our eyes meet and gazes lock as I begin guiding your mouth up and down the length of my shaft by your hair. Pausing at the tip of my cock, allowing your tongue to circle it, tickle the tip. Then wanting more of your mouth I begin pushing your moth down on my cock, faster, harder, and deeper; as I feel the back of your throat with my tip.”

The sounds emanating from the other side of the phone are now steady moans.

“My hand still gripping your hair I hold your head still as I begin bucking my hips thrusting my cock deep in your eager mouth, taking your mouth, fucking it, using it for my pleasure.”

The voice on the other end of the phone is now gasping for air; “Puhlease, please Daddy, please let me cum”

In a hoarse whisper “Yes girl, cum for me” he tells her.

Her moans fill his ear as the orgasm works through her, in his mind’s eye he visualizes her laying on the bed as her body spasms, hips lifting up off the bed.

As her orgasm passes and she tries to catch her breath he gives her no quarter and continues…

“Pulling you to your feet by your hair I drag you to the bed, as I push you down on your back. Now I want to feast on you, taste you, breath in your scent. Pushing your legs apart I lower my mouth to that dripping cunt. Even before I can taste it I see the moisture glistening on it, I smell your heated sex. My tongue darts out, flicking across your clit. Then running my tongue along your lips I get my first real taste of you. I settle my tongue on your clit as I begin working it in circles, first in one direction, then the opposite, occasionally pressing down on your clit, then going back to circles.”

Her voice was now coming through the phone in ragged gasps; “Oh Daddy, oh God, Daddy please.”

He continued on….

“I let my tongue slide down your lips once more, this time parting them as I probe deeply in you. Your nectar flowing freely as I slake my thirst. Your hips begin to buck as I wrap my arms around your thighs holding you to me so I don’t lose one single drop. Back to your clit my tongue begins its assault anew; circling, pressing, faster, harder.”

“Daddy, please, let me cum; please Daddy.” She begged in earnest.

“Yes you may girl” he said as her orgasm tore through her. He listened with intent, taking in every sound every innuendo missing nothing.

Her breathing was now coarse and ragged but he wasn’t stopping just yet. He still wanted more and he would take it.

“When I’m done eating you I grab your legs pulling your ass to the edge of the bed.  Taking your ankles in my grasp I pull your legs up in the air fully exposing you to my twitching cock. I move close the tip of my cock barely touching that soaked pussy; you try to raise your hips up to take me in you. I pull away not allowing you to have me. When you settle back on the bed I rub my cock along your slit coating it in your juices.”

Even though he is talking he is listening intently to her, she is moaning, almost to tears. He knows her; he knows she is close to having a big one. She builds each one stronger than the other.

“Now that my cock is slick with your juices gripping your legs in the air I plunge deep inside you, burying myself deep within your essence. I begin to pump thrusting hard and deep, pummeling that pussy, the slap of skin upon skin, the slick sucking sound of your dripping cunt as I slick in and out of you like a piston.”

Her voice is raw, panting; her begging full of unreleased need pent up behind a damn ready to burst.

“Resting your feet on my shoulders my hand finds its way to that needy pussy, my thumb resting upon your clit. All I need to do is apply pressure, the movement of my body taking you as all it needs to move across it stimulating you even more.”

Daddy, puuhlease, Oh God Daddy your slut needs to cum, Daddy” she rasps

“I continue fucking you, taking you with my own base lust, reducing you to a quivering mass. I press harder against your clit with my thumb.”

“Please, oh please Daddy, let me cum” her begging becomes more intense.

He knows she is teetering on the edge, close to the brink. With a simple word he nudges her over the precipice.


He listens, his ear glued to the phone as she explodes, her orgasm like a symphony reaching its crescendo. He imagines her hand in the air clawing at anything trying to get purchase, her juices gushing forth from her body. With clarity he sees her head whipping back and forth on the pillow, forehead glistening with sheen of sweat.

He listens as aftershocks wrack through her; he knows she is spent now.

“Shhhhhh” he whispers in her ear; “Take a deep breath, slow deep breaths.”

She complies taking several deep breaths as he listens.

“Now clean your hands” he directs her.

His listening intent as she licks her hand clean leaving not a single drop of her nectar to be found.

“Good girl” he tells her as she purrs in response.

“I’m pulling into work and it is time for you to get up and start your day.”

With a dreamy voice she says, “Thank you Daddy”

“You’re welcome babygirl, have a good start to your day”