Crunch Time

By | December 17, 2013


It is getting down to the wire again, this Friday when I leave work I will be hopping on a jet plane; well no not really a jet plane, a twin engine propeller plane and heading off to be with little flower for the holidays.

I actually had her gift shipped to her house with strict orders to not shake, squeeze, rattle, roll, or molest the package in anyway shape or form.
Will she peek or poke?
Of course not, she is a good girl.

If she does? Well I have no doubt I can come up with some form of punishment for her.

We will be spending Christmas and New Years together, I will be there for a total of two weeks.
My shopping is VERY close to being done, I will be bringing some gifts with me and some are all ready there. Wrapping will commence once I arrive and will be placed under the tree with the other gifts.

This trip there will be a little more opportunity for play time. Over Thanksgiving  I brought  a Wartenburg wheel along with me but there wasn’t much chance to use it so that will be explored a bit more this time. Also we have been talking about wax play. It just so happens a company I have been buying certain items from had sent me a complimentary soy candle as a freebie. So we will be exploring a bit of wax play.

I learned an important lesson from Thanksgiving; that being little flower tends to get stressed. Needless to say to alleviate as much of her stress as possible I have already told her that there will be some differences in this visit over the holidays.
First and foremost now that I know where her family lives and that we will be going there I will be doing the driving. She will get to play passenger, relax and enjoy the ride.

Since we will be staying in the cottage again I told her to expect a play date. We have a date night set up for Monday night and when we get back there will be a spanking in her future, a maintenance spanking. There is a new rope harness I have been looking at and there is a VERY good chance I will be trying that out as well.

little flower also has a new rule which we talked about and will be implemented when I am there. I love her hair, the way it looks, the way it feels, and the scent of her shampoo never fails to linger with me. She has been growing her hair out as I do love long hair. It makes it so much nicer to wrap it up in my hand and give it a good tug and/or just run my fingers through it.

When she goes to work more times then not she will wear her hair up. I understand why she does, it keeps it controlled and out of her face, also it looks professional. At the end of the day though once she walks through that door and work is over, the hair is to come down. I want to see those tresses falling freely and I want access to them at any moment.

There will also be one other thing, one other rule that will come into play for the holiday’s. little flower doesn’t know it yet but it will be talked about when I arrive. It will be something very simple but it will be a reminder of her submission and hopefully be one other way to alleviate any stress for her.

So for now it is a matter of keeping things under control at work for the next few days and tying up some loose ends before the holidays.

After that little flower had best look out. Hmmm I wonder what would happen if I decided to not come back home this time??