She’s a Good Girl

By | February 16, 2014

Friday morning we talked on the phone as we always do but this time our talk was a bit more lively considering the hour of the morning. The time was 6am my time 5am her time, but the excitement was due to my upcoming flight in a few hours.

Each day I pick out her panties, she has taken pictures of all of them and sent them to me. I then uploaded the pictures to Drop Box and then each day I send her the picture of the pair she is to wear in  text message when I get up. Then when she is getting ready in the morning she will take a picture and send it to me with her wearing the selected panties.

This morning there was no picture sent to her. She asked me, “Daddy there was no picture sent to me this morning.”

Correct babygirl I told her, I don’t want any panties today, in fact tonight when you pick me up I want you wearing a dress also.

She almost began to protest but I stopped her right in her tracks.

Fast forward to 9:15 her time Friday night. I’m coming down the escalator heading to baggage claim. As the stairs slowly descend More of the bottom floor is coming into view, my eyes are scanning the area and then, there she is. My eyes locked onto her, devouring her. A shy smile spreads across her lips as she coyly turns her head to the side, her hair falling across her face.

I swept her up into my arms and pulled her tight against me, kissing her, running my fingers through her hair. Giving her ass a quick squeeze I could tell she did as told as I could feel no panty underneath her sheer black dress.

Once I collected my bag we headed out to the parking lot and the bags were in the trunk I again pulled her to me. This time though as I kissed her my hand pulled up her dress and I get a proper feel of her pantiless bum.

As we left the airport we were stopped by a red light before even getting out onto the road. My hand slid along her thigh and slid up her dress. Like a good girl; no questions asked she spread her legs giving me access to what I wanted. My finger found her clit and I could feel she was already moist down below.

It didn’t take much for me to push her towards an orgasm and she was begging me to cum. I told her no. Once the light changed I removed my hand and pulled her dress back down. The next red light was a repeat of the first and again I denied her to orgasm. By the fourth light she was no longer even asking as she knew I wasn’t going to let her have any release.

At the 6th or maybe it was the 7th light we were sitting there and I once again brought her to the edge, her head was back against the seat and her moans filled the small space of the car. I looked to my right and there was one of those big 4-wheel drive pickup trucks towering over the small car. The guy behind the wheel looked over; his eyes grew large and he nodded, smiled and turned his head back to the road.

The ride back took a good hour and there were plenty of red lights in between. I was expecting at anytime for her to begin slowing down to try and keep from having to fully come to a stop at a light but she didn’t, which impressed me greatly.

When we got the the house her legs were a bit shaky as she got out of the car.

We made our way inside, the boys were still up as they wanted to wait for us to get home. We put them to bed and waited for them to fall asleep.

But yes, she is my good girl as she followed my instructions to a T.