On Eating an Elephant

By | March 28, 2014

As most of you all well know back in February Kayla and I had a long talk about what was needed to be done to bring her and I closer together. Bridging that 440 mile distance between us and making our LDR into a RL relationship.

A list was made for her, one was made for me, and a third was made for us collectively.

We have each been working at our lists diligently and working on the collective list as well.

This week was going to be another one of those weeks where I was planning on taking some of the bigger things to task. Unfortunately to some degree I had been hampered by a third party that is prone to dragging their feet.
Until this week that is.

Unexpected things happened this week, Good things, amazing things and the elephant is almost completely eaten.Things will be moving into place that will just leave some bones to be gnawed on

What happened you are wondering.
Well Kayla asked to write about it and I told her she could.

So tomorrow morning look for a post  at Kayla Lords and she will explain what came about allowing the elephant to be eaten.

I think the Universe is working with us on this.