Still Alive and Kicking

By | April 17, 2014

It’s been a while I know, so much has been happening. In some ways time has been moving at lightening speed and others it seems time has been crawling.

My main focus is and has been to have Kayla here by June, I’ve not wavered in that and each day I do everything I can to move in that direction. At this point the main focus is finding a suitable place for all of us to call home. That to me means a safe comfortable place, good schools for the boys, and a much shorter commute to work for me. Currently I have a 30 mile commute one way, 60 mile round trip. I am SO ready for that to be shorter.

With all the things we have set out to do there were things that I thought were going to be mountains to move, they turned out to be the things that went the smoothest.

What has turned out to be the most difficult is finding a place to live. I have been scouring the Internet and found what I thought to be a fabulous resource for locating something. Every time I found something though is was already taken by a day or two.

In that I came across a realtor that has started working with me.

Through him I have found several places that are both nice and affordable.
So one would think that all is well.

Not so much.
It seems there is one more hurdle that has popped up in this search.

Of all things it is my motorcycle.

I have been looking at condo’s/townhomes as my train of thought is I don’t want to do yard work anymore. I’ve done it for years and enough is enough.

The challenge has become finding a condo/townhome that allows motorcycles. I love to ride, it is a release for me. Kayla has joined me on a few rides now and we wish to continue that. Not to mention the price of gas escalating and my bike gets 59 mpg.
It seems most Associations are not motorbike friendly, so the search continues.

As a good friend told me today “Nothing is rewarded like persistance!” so I keep moving forward because giving up isn’t an option.

Now all of what I have been doing is not just centered around a search for where to set our home stone.

Early on in our relationship Kayla talked about how she desired discipline in a relationship. Even though we’ve been in a LDR for the better part of a year I have given her a good bit of that as much as one can with 440 miles between us.

Moving forward with being together 24/7 and only a few feet between us I have begun drafting a set of rules and protocols that will be in place when we are together, we have already talked about some of them and some we haven’t . I am still putting this all together. Once we are under the same roof it will be delved into deeper.

Now in all fairness I will not expect her to follow them to a T right out of the box, there will be an adjustment time which I expect nor will I expect her to remember each and every one of them. Bu she will have a drafted set that she can refer back to at any time.

Hopefully this resolves itself soon, I miss being here, I miss writing.
There is so much running through my mind of late that I want to put to words but time, time is fleeting these days.