Sick but we have an Address

By | April 22, 2014

Sick day

I’m down for the count big time. Everyone at work has been sick and it hasn’t been a quick one or two day back on your feet kind of sick. Our office is a petri dish for germs, it is a small area for 15 people with one way in and one way out. Usually I manage to escape what is going around, I do my best to eat healthy,  take vitamins, etc.

This time I wasn’t so lucky, it hit me and it hit me hard in a big way. When I got up yesterday for work my throat was scratchy, had a headache and my nose as running. This happens from time to time as I do have allergies and once I have a cup of coffee and get moving about it clears up and goes away.

Not yesterday, as the morning went on it got worse, my boss even told me a couple times to go home, I tried to forge forward but I kept losing ground. Finally I relented, clocked out and headed home.

Before I could make it home though I talked to the property manager where I had gone Sat. to look at a place. The townhone I had looked at was still available, they had received my application and all they needed were the fees to move forward.
So insead of going home I was off to the bank to get money orders.

I got to the managers office in due time and we talked a bi and then I signed some checks. When that was all said and Done I called Kayla and we talked for a bit, she was nervous. She was scared that something would come back and bite us in the ass and would mean we would have to fork over a higher deposit fee.

I tried to calm her down but she had already worked herself up. By that time I was feeling bad again and I needed to get home and get off my feet.

When I got home I took some Nyquil and it was straight to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. I slept, I slept till 9:00pm when I had to take more Nyquil. Kayla called and we talked for a few minutes until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. Apparently she had called me after she left work but I remember nothing of the conversation. Kayla did call me early this morning to wake me so I could call into work, which I’m glad she did as I don’t recall hearing the alarm clock go off this morning.

So it was like that till 2:00 this afternoon when I woke once more. The sore throat has dissipated, it is still there but not as bad. The headache has lessened and my sinus’s are not clogged and runny.

I’ve been doing my best to take care of my self as little flower has been threatening me with Vicks Vapor rub again. I also assured her that if I was not feeling considerably better by tomorrow I would call the doctor.

While I was somewhat up and about this afternoon my phone rings and it is the property management company. They ran the background and credit check and everything is good to go, we have the place.

They are doing the final cleaning on it this week and by April 30th I will be able to take possession.

MailboxThis is something that has been stressing little flower out not having an address and she has been feeling it worse then I have been. So when I called and gave her the news she was ecstatic.
Since I had seemingly slept through it last night, my “Nyquil induced coma” as she put it and I was feeling better we had a little talk as well, Daddy to babygirl. She was a bit surprised that what I set before her is going to push her boundaries a bit and the first thing out of her mouth was “even when we are dealing with all this stress?”

I didn’t relent, you have your task before you now I want you to begin this evening.

So where things stand now is that by the end of the week I should be able to do a walk through  of the place with management. They will send me a welcome package with the information needed to get power, Internet, cable, etc turned on.  Then by the 1st of May I can start moving in.

This coming Friday I will also be buying a plane ticket, this time though it will only be a one way ticket as come June 6th Kayla will be coming back with me!