Memorial Day

By | May 26, 2014

Memorial day

This is a long weekend for myself and for many of my readers in the U.S.; an extra day away from the desk and the labours of work and an extra for many spent with family engaging in BBQ’s, swimming in the pool or beach, and even shopping taking advantage of the many sales stores are offering.

In all the fun activities taking place don’t forget the cost of lives and blood that allows us to enjoy those freedoms. The countless men and women who served and gave their lives protecting our right to freedom of speech and expression.

Walk into any store, coffee shop, or any place else for that matter and you hear people talking about the things that are wrong with this country. While I don’t totally disagree, nothing is perfect there is still so much that is right about this country. I write a blog about my living and insights to a D/s-BDSM relationship and lifestyle. If it were not for those people who gave their lives for me, for you; I may well not be here writing about the things I love. There are many countries in the world that do not have that freedom we take for granted. Their Internet is filtered, they are only allowed to see what they are allowed to see. They can only write about the things they are allowed to.

So today while you are cooking your hamburgers and hot-dogs, swimming, hitting the shops, and yes even while reading this blog; stop for a moment and think of the people who gave their lives, who sacrificed everything for freedom so you can do all these things.