Join Me in Celebration #BirthdaySpankings

By | October 30, 2014

Today is a very special day indeed it was this day some years ago that my babygirl Kayla was brought into the world.

I am ever so grateful and this is a call for some tremendous celebration!
If there is one thing I know she loves more then anything and that is a good spanking.
What better spankings to get then birthday spanks!!!!


See she is already to go, I told you she loves being spanked, she’s primed and ready to go.

While a good part of today’s merriment will be vanilla, filled with gifts, cake, and dinner; there will be some kinky stuff going on.

This weekend though we will be kidless and there is a big party going on at the club of which we shall be in attendance.
It is there she will get her true birthday spankings along with a surprise or two.
Who knows 😉

Kayla is ready, she even has her favourite floggers out and ready to go.


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