Hello, I’m a Sadist

By | July 21, 2017


Hello and welcome, pleased to meet you I’m your local neighborhood sadist.

Sounds scary doesn’t it, c’mon say it with me “sadist”
Kinda rolls off the tongue in a delectably evil way doesn’t it.

Of late I’ve been spending some time on Twitter, as busy as my life is at the moment the fast pace and short work count has given me a place to go and play when I have a spare moment or two. What I found humorous is that there was someone (whom I now consider a friend)  was afraid to converse with me because I am a Dom and a sadist.
I broke the ice and showed them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

I suppose if you know nothing about sadists that it can seem quite scary. Let’s face it the Marquis de Sade is one of the most well know sadists in history and from the tales that be told he could seem pretty scary.

Well let’s see…what makes me a sadist.

I suppose it is the fact that I love love love to give spankings. Not only that but I also adore giving a good flogging, then there are the canes, the paddles, Whartenburg wheels, binding someone in rope and the list goes one. Oh but I can’t leave out a victim willing volunteer to be tied to a St. Andrews Cross or even a spanking bench.

For most when the word “sadist” is uttered it might well bring about the image of someone dressed all in black or even black leather with a menacing scowl on their face that looks like it could melt the paint off the walls. While that may be true in the proper setting it isn’t the case in day to day life.

I like to think I’m a nice guy and if you were to ask Kayla she would back that up. With her on any given day I’m the perfect gentleman. I open doors for her, I hold her hand when we’re walking, when we are eating out I will either order for her or ladies first. Most of all I make sure she is taken care of.

I help out my neighbors when they need something and I’m involved in my local community. Last year we rescued a dog from a local dog rescue and gave him his forever home.

See Kayla gave me consent to be her sadist, which I do to the best of my abilities and she loves it. With nothing more then a look I will put her over my knee, bend her over the bed, or tie her to a St. Andrews Cross and proceed to spank, flog, or paddle.
See I’m her sadist, not your sadist or anyone else for that matter (at least of writing this) I don’t just walk up to  someone and start spanking them. I don’t break out a whip and start whipping some unsuspecting person into submission.

Never ever without consent!!

While I am a sadist and I revel in letting that part of me out to play when I can that is not the sum total of who I am.

I’m the guy in the restaurant next to you pulling out a chair for his fiancee to sit down.
I’m the guy making silly faces and noises to a baby.
I’m the guy petting a dog at the park.
I’m the guy petting a cat that’s curled up in my lap.
I’m the guy helping a kid with their homework.

But when I’m not those things…..