My Perspective: Boots

By | February 15, 2018

As one that just loves boots as you can tell from my post on LovingBDSM of course Kayla has a pair or two or…

She has a pair of cowboy boots, some ankle boots…but….
These by far are my favorites of hers, she’ll wear them when we are out on the motorcycle or even just for a night out.

She just looks sexy as hell they way they hug her legs and it certainly gets my motor revving in the best of ways.

I’m always a happy camper when the weather turns cool and it is comfortable enough for her to wear them. As I do have final say in what she wears when the weather allows the boots do come out.

I’m thinking at some point we’ll have to make a trip up north to extend the season.


Kayla's boots

Love seeing Kayla in a pair of boots.

Just a reminder that Kayla Lords and I are simultaneously participating in February Photofest this year. If you want to see an image from her perspective, make sure to check out her website:  Kayla Lords: A Sexual Being

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