My perspective: Pinch

By | February 16, 2018

Hmmm what is happening here? Maybe just a pinch of this or a pinch of that?

Kayla learned early on that I do love to give her a pinch. Nowhere is she safe from my questing fingers.
If she happens to be hanging out in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking she may well get a pinch.
Sitting on the sofa while watching TV, she”l get a pinch.
Out and about running errands…well of course a pinch.

The reaction I get from her is just SO delightful and it SO satisfies the sadist in me. Along with all the squeaks and squeals each pinch elicits from her.

Since it is Boob Day how can she not get a pinch there.


Pinching her nipple

I love giving Kayla a pinch, especially on her nipple.


Just a reminder that Kayla Lords and I are simultaneously participating in February Photofest this year. If you want to see an image from her perspective, make sure to check out her website:  Kayla Lords: A Sexual Being

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