Almost Here

By | August 4, 2013


Les then a week now and she will be here.

My girl will be coming to visit with me and I am very excited.
W/we are both looking forward to spending time together, playing, going out, and just being together.

I have a few surprises planned for when she is here, once all is said and done there may be some blog posts about it.
I have picked up some new toys just for her trip here and am looking forward to trying them out.

One is a Delrin cane
The second is a flogger
Number three is a very whippy riding crop I picked up at a local flea market.
We shall see.

This will be her first trip to see me, I plan on taking her to some of my favorite haunts and hangouts.

While she is here she will also be an angel of mercy to me.
For quite some time (several years) I have been dealing with a lower back issue.
For quite a while I have held it at bay with a regimen of exercises and chiropractic.

For the last few months it has reared it’s ugly head and has been near impossible to placate.
I have made a decision to have a procedure done to rectify the problem.
It is a out-patient procedure but I will be unable to drive right after.
She will be bringing me and taking me home afterwards.
We are both crossing our fingers that this doctor can deliver as he promised, that I can be back to doing all the things I did prior in as little as two months.
Hoping that this truly is the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am grateful that she will be here and at my side for this.
I am a lucky man to have her in my life.

17 thoughts on “Almost Here

    1. SouthernSir

      Thanks lk, it seems we always do learn form one another…that is the beauty of it all…it grows and evolves.

  1. Cheeky Minx

    I wish you nothing but luck with your op, continued health and a deliriously joyous and sexy visit with your girl. She’s a very fortunate woman…

    1. SouthernSir

      Thank you for the kind words Minx, glad to see you pop in I was getting ready to send out a search party for you..hope all is well with you.

  2. hispetitelle

    Sending you well wishes and healing thoughts on your procedure. I’m sure you will be taken good care of by your doctor and your sub.

    1. SouthernSir

      I believe between the two I am in the best of hands, thank you for the healing thoughts, very much appreciated.

    1. SouthernSir

      Thank you, I do love her very very and I always let her know how special her gift is to me and that I cherish it.

  3. Franco Bolli

    I wish you both a wonderful and intense time together. Take care of you lower back issue, I have a similar problem so I know how painful it can be.

  4. myrosegarden84

    That picture is peaceful.
    Hoping all goes well with the doctor. And that your visit with your lady is wonderful.

    1. SouthernSir

      Yes, in between all else we are hoping for a little down time like in the picture. Thanks for your well wishes.


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