She Waits

By | January 12, 2013

She knelt in the dark before the door, knowing any minute He would be walking through it.
Her legs spread wide, back arched, her hands lay upon her thighs palms upward.
Her head was held straight up, proud of her submission, her eyes downcast in servitude.

The anticipation of seeing Him had her body afire, tingling with need.
It seemed time stood still for her, nothing existed but that very moment.

She waited, then she saw the shadow fall on the light under the door.
She heard the key click in the lock, as the door began to swing open.

He was there, he looked down upon her radiant beauty.
His hand lightly stroked her cheek, then his finger entwined in her hair giving it a sharp pull.
Her scent filled the air and he breathed it in deeply; a scent so familiar, so arousing.

Pulling her head up by her hair, he looked down and smiled deeply as he pulled her head against him and held it there.