By | January 30, 2013

I had actually written this quite a number of years ago but it recently came to the forefront of my mind and I thought I would share it.

Are we all in our own way not unlike a diamond? When first unearthed they are rough with jagged edges, dull and lifeless.

Then with care and patience they are formed. The dullness begins to fade away as they start to shine and sparkle. The rough edges give way to finely cut edges and smooth surfaces. Facets are carved and shaped much like our own lives.

No matter how much time and effort is put into shaping a diamond, no matter how beautiful it shines there are still slight imperfections, some almost too small to be seen with the naked eye and so it is with us. We may each have our own imperfections but in most cases the shine is much brighter, so those imperfections seem trivial.

When we are born we too have rough edges waiting to be molded, while as a babe we may not be totally dull and lifeless but we lack the personality that makes us whole. Through our young lives we are shaped and formed into something beautiful.
We are many things in our lives; mother, father, son,  daughter,  friend, lover, worker, and more……each of these a different facet of the whole.
I many cases we also walk in a vanilla world yet have a kinky sexy side which is yet just another facet on the diamond that is us.

Forming more facets as we move through life growing, each one a different part of the whole. Each individual facet, a different side of us, a happy side, a sad side, a creative side, or a loving side; even the imperfections all a part of what makes one unique.

Each of us all made up of a myriad of different facets contributing to the whole. Shining and sparkling, bringing joy to oh so many lives.