By | February 2, 2013

Shane had dropped Bella off at work and told her he would be by at 4:30 to pick her up. Be prompt he said. Thankfully traffic was light as he made his way through the downtown traffic to her office.

 Bella was standing on the sidewalk patiently waiting for him as he pulled up to the curb.She gets in the car leaning over and kisses Shane, she notices a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eye as she buckles her seatbelt.

 She gives him an questioning look and he tells her “I’m taking you shopping; sit back relax and enjoy the ride.”

 Bella stars to say something and Shane shushes her. She knows that tone all to well and stops.

 Shane reaches his hand over, resting it on her thigh, Bella relaxes closes her eyes as his hand moves upwards. Without even thinking she spreads her legs giving Shane access to her. His hand rests lightly on her damp pussy as he continues to drive.

 The car draws to a stop as Shane cuts the engine, Bella opens her eyes as if coming out of a fog oblivious to where they have stopped.

 Shane gets out walking to the other side of the car, opening the door he reaches his hand out to Bella helping her out of the car.

“Come, it’s time for your fitting.”

 Bella about to speak is shushed once more as they walk around to the front of the shop. He quickly guides her through the door.

 Bella blinks her eyes trying to adjust to the dim light in the store after the brightness of the afternoon.

 From behind a velvet curtain, a lady, very elegantly dressed, steps out. “May I help you,” she asks, in a quiet tone.

“We are here for the corset fitting” Shane tells her, Bella looking around her eyes now adjusted stares in amazement at everything.

“Do you have one in mind?” she asks, with a smile.

“Yes,” Shane tells her, pointing to the red and black lace corset on a mannequin.

“Very elegant choice” she says with a smile, picking up a notebook from the desk and taking one off the hangers. “Come with me love,” she says to Bella, with a smile, as she walks behind the curtain again.

“You’ll be fine” Shane tells Bella with a smile, giving her ass a quick smack.

After a little while of waiting the attendant steps out and says she is ready, a brief second later Bella steps out from behind the velvet curtain.Shane’s breath is taken away as he gazes at Bella, the corset fits perfectly over her body, accentuating her hips, breasts firm and full under the top of the corset. The corset perfectly matches the black skirt she is wearing.

“Yes, that’s the one,” he says, “I’ll take it”

“Shall I wrap it for you?” the attendant asks.

“No, she’ll wear it!”

They leave the store and head back to the car. He opens the car door for her to get in, as Bella settles into her seat, Shane reaches down with his hand taking a handful of her hair as he kisses her. His tongue dances across her lips tasting her, breathing in her sweet scent.

“We have another stop to make.” he tells her breaking off the kiss and climbing in the car.

The ride goes swiftly as Bella sits in the car reveling in the feel of the corset conforming to her curves.

It isn’t long before they pull up in front of some type of specialty shop.

Once again, Shane gets out and escorts Bella from the car to the shop.
This time it’s a whole lot more than what you could tell from the outside. There are shoes, of every size, shape, and color; along with shiny body ornaments and decorations.

“We need to get you shoes,” He tells her, as he leads her to the display of 4 & 5 inch heels. He picks out a pair of high black and red heels, to match the “outfit” she is now being dressed with.

Shane then walks over to where the other assorted items are. Bella just looks on in awe as he looks over what is available.

What’s could be next? Bella thinks in silence.

A smile crosses Shane’s face as he finds what he is looking for as he lifts a set of non-piecing nipple charms from the rack.He then guides Bella to another part of the store where there are gloves of all various types. He picks up several and holds them to Bella’s corset to see how they match. Finally finding a set he places them with the other items.

With Bella in tow Shane moves further on in the store, “Still one more thing” he tells her.

 They are standing in front of stockings of every conceivable type and color. Again Shane looks through looking at this one and that one. Finally settling a a pair of floral lace fishnets.

 After picking out a pair of red panties that match the color of red in the corset they head to the cashier to pay for the items.

 Once again back in the car Shane looks at Bella with deep lust in his eyes.

 “One last stop to make” He tells her as they pull away form the curb.

 Once again the drive is brief as they pull to a stop in front of a leather shop. Shane takes Bella’s hand in his as they walk into the store. The smell of leather fills the air as the door closes behind them.

A older man is sitting behind the counter, a piece of leather before him, in his hands a small hammer and a leather punch. He looks up as they walk up to the counter. Shane says something to the man behind the counter but in low tones that Bella can’t quite make out what he is saying. The man behind the counter gets up and walks to the back of the store.

A few minutes later he returns and places several items on the counter.

A set of wrist and ankle restraints made of black leather. Shane smiles, “Perfect! “They match the black of the corset.” As he holds them up to Bella.

“Ahh I almost forgot”

Shane walks to a wall where various paddles are hanging. He look through picking one or two up hefting them in his hand as if feeling their weight. Finally he takes one that looks almost similar to a barbers honing strap and walks back to the counter with it. He tells Bella to turn around as he gives her a quick smack that reverberates through the quiet store.

She lets out a little squeak as the paddle makes contact with her.

“Yes, this one will do.” he says as he places it on the counter with the other items.

Back in the car, all the purchases in the back seat, Shane turns to Bella “It’s time to head home.” he says with a smile as they drive off.