Auctioned part 1

By | October 3, 2013



Anne knelt on the floor, her hands bound behind her, legs tethered together with leather straps, completely naked.  She heard the hushed whispering of the people around her but the blindfold so completely covered her eyes she had no idea how many people where there.

As she knelt on display she wondered how she had ended up here; what strange twist of fate had her naked and bound; about to be sold to the highest bidder at an auction.

She worked as an administrative assistant to a CEO at a Fortune 500 company for a number of years. She was good at what she did, following orders to the letter, stepping outside the box when needed to get the job done.

She was happy with the work she did; hell she was damn proud of it. As a type-A personality she thrived on everything her boss threw at her and the way she handled each assignment knowing her could count on her not only to get it done but get it done right. So focused on her work that she didn’t even have a personal life, fending off any suitors.  Oh there were moments when she felt that it would be nice to give up control and let someone else be in charge by it was just a fleeting thought and passed quickly.

Oh she had yearnings and desires like anyone else but they were taken care of by her own fingers and the toys she kept in the nightstand next to her bed.

Then it all came to an end.

The market crash had everything in a tailspin. Businesses were failing, homes being foreclosed, pensions that people worked years for were being lost.

The company she worked for was not exempt from the chaos. Rumors were heard around the office of downsizing and layoffs. People were nervous, even scared not knowing what might be. In her own mind Anne felt exempt from the madness and uncertainty, she had been with the company for 10 years starting right out of college. Her work spoke for itself and she felt that no matter how bad things got she would be safe.

A week later when Anne showed up for work she was met by a security guard, he informed her that she no longer had a job with the company. There were boxes in her office for her to pack up her personal belongings and he would be escorting her there and then out of the building when done.

Anne managed to control her emotions as she packed up her desk, her face a steely mask. Once outside though the iron exterior melted away like butter and she began to cry. A few people glanced her way as they passed in the street, no one offering any help or assistance. It was like they knew and if they spoke to her that what had happened to her would be contagious and affect them.

After a while she regained her composure and made her way home, numb inside and unsure for the first time in her life.

Once she recovered from the initial shock of what happened she began her job search in earnest. Certain that someone with her talents would be snapped up by another company in a heartbeat eager to have her, each cover letter and resume sent out though only brought another rejection and more disappointment.

It had been six months now and still no prospects of a job. She had worked a few temp jobs, which brought in some meager pay but things were getting close now as she was near the end of her savings using that to keep up her apartment and pay the bills.

Anne was a bit hesitant when she first saw the ad in the paper, not sure what to make of it.

Wanted, hard working individual capable of following orders and is detail oriented. Will need to be able to travel at a moments notice and conduct them selves in a sometimes-challenging environment. All expenses are covered and while pay is withheld until completion of job a healthy bonus will also be endowed at the end.

Anne was intrigued yet there was really no mention of what the job entailed. With money getting tight she was beginning to run out of options though. There was a number at the bottom of the ad and figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least call and find out more information.

She dialed the number and after two rings it was answered, the voice on the other end was a woman that spoke with a soft voice as she answered, “P-Cock Enterprises, how may I help you?”

Anne explained she had called about the job posting in the local paper and was quickly told to hold on a moment while the call was transferred.

The phone was then answered by a man, his voice very smooth and even sounding, a voice that commanded yet gave the feeling that it need not be raised to respected.

“How can I help you?” he said.

Anne replied about calling in regards to the job posting, that she would like to find out more information about what the job entailed.

He explained that the job was a service job, that it took on a wide variety of roles and while not for everyone it could be a very pleasurable experience for the right person. He also talked about how there would be intense training in the beginning but that someone who had the right skill sets would not have any problem completing the training satisfactorily.

He also went into detail that there would be a great deal of travel and if she were tied down to family and other obligations that it might not be a good fit for her.

Anne then explained that she is single and her only family lived across the country and that would not be an obstacle.

They talked for several more minutes and left it that Anne would come in the next day for a preliminary interview.

When she showed up the next day Anne was wearing an outfit that was both professional and yet showed off the curves of her body. The skirt was midway between on her thighs, showing off her legs. The top allowed her ample breasts to be covered yet no doubt of what lay beneath. She needed a job and if this helped she wasn’t beyond it at this point.

As she pulled up to the address the building was just like many others in the city, a brick 5-story building built when the city was a growing metropolitan area. Now the color of the bricks are faded with age and the concrete steps leading up to the entrance were well worn with use.

Anne made her way up to the 5th floor where the office was located; the name on the door was etched into the glass with elegant script, P-Cock Enterprises, Inc.

She pulled open the door and stepped inside, the area was sparsely decorated with a few prints on the wall. A receptionist’s desk was just inside with a woman sitting behind the counter talking on the phone.

The woman was attractive in a simple way, red hair just down past her shoulders, very moderate make-up, and bright green eyes. What stood out on her though was her jewelry, on her neck she wore a necklace that hugged her throat; it was made of braded chain, almost like what would be a necklace of itself was braided together forming a collar of sorts that was a couple inches wide.

As soon as the receptionist saw Anne she hung up the phone and asked how she can help her. Anne replied she was there for an interview.

The receptionist nodded and got up from her chair and made a follow me motion with her hand. Anne fell in step behind her as they came to a stop at a large wooden door. She knocked twice on the door and cracked it open saying “You’re two-o’clock is here.”

Anne heard a muffled reply from inside as she was ushered in the door to the office.

She never even heard the receptionist leave as she heard the door snick closed. She then turned to take in the office, like the waiting area the office was sparse. Two desks were in the room, there was set forming a V so that the two people sitting behind them could see one another yet were able to face forward and see ahead.

Anne noticed right off that there were no other chairs in the office other then the ones they were sitting in. She thought to herself how odd that I will have to be standing for the whole time.

At the desk on the left sat a woman who even though sitting you could tell she was rather tall and slender. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight bun giving her face a hard stern look. While the receptionist had very minimal make-up it was not the same for this woman, her tones were dark, even foreboding in some ways.  Her dress matched her, as it was black and form fitting on her figure, showing off every curve.

On the right at the other desk sat an older gentleman who could be considered elegant in manner. His hair short with hints of the dark hair he once had in youth was now salt and pepper. He had a goatee that had the same splash of grey as his hair. He wore a black pin-stripe suit that was obviously tailored to fit him, as there wasn’t a wrinkle in it anywhere. His tie was knotted to perfection and the purple of it stood out from the black. For an older man he seemed fit and in good shape;  while his deep blue eyes had a hint of darkness to them his smile seemed at ease.

Anne was startled from her thoughts as the gentleman spoke up “You must be Anne?”

“Yes” she stammered “Anne Timberlan”

“Well then, lets get started,” he said.

“Let me introduce ourselves, I am Mr. Rowan and this is my associate Ms. Simone and we will be conducting your interview.”

Mr. Rowan asked the first question and each in turn gave her another question to answer. The questions were general questions that anyone would expect to be asked at an interview. What her duties were at her last job, how long she had been there, what she thought of working in a team, or solo on a project.

There were questions about her education and background and on and on.

Once she thought things were beginning to wind down things began to turn a bit odd.

“Turn around I want to see all of you,” Mr. Rowan said.

Anne spun her head around with her mouth agape not believing what she heard.

“You heard him,” Ms. Simone said in a stern tone.

Anne didn’t know what came over her but the sound of her voice had an effect on her that she wasn’t sure what it meant but she began to turn around in a circle.

“Slower girl,” Mr. Rowan said.

Anne began moving slower and finally when she came full circle facing them once more there were looking at her with a look of delight on their face.

“Unbutton your blouse Ms. Timberlan,” Mr. Rowan directed.

Anne stammered, I..I don’t think so.”

“I believe this interview is over, “ Anne said “I don’t know what kind of job this is but I have never…”

Her words were cut off by strong arms grabbing her from behind, she tried to scream but a hand firmly covered her mouth stifling any sound that tried to come out.

She heard Ms. Simone begin to say something then there was nothing but darkness….