Book Review: Borealis (Part 1 Outlander)

By | November 18, 2013


Title: Borealis (Part 1 Outlander)
Author: Ellie Bay
Available at: Amazon
Genre: Sci/Fi – Adult Fiction
Published: 2013
Ellie Bay on Facebook:

Imagine everything you knew about yourself is gone. You don’t remember who you are, where you came from, or how you got to where you are. Nothing about the place you find yourself is familiar and the world you are suddenly on is based on a BDSM society ruled over by a God who is in charge.

This is the basis of Borealis (Outlander) an Earth woman is transported to the planet Borealis and has lost her memory. She is put in the hands of a Dominant, Marcus Alexis who is to guide her and help her recover her life path, which is that of a submissive.

Since she is even unable to remember her name Marcus Alexis names her Claire and begins her training to bring her back to her rightful place as his submissive. Claire struggles and yet is intrigued by what lays ahead for her.

Her memory begins to resurface and she tells Marcus of the place she called home, Earth. Unfortunately her talk of Earth draws the attention of the God of Borealis and it isn’t in a good way.

This story has elements of innocence and discovery as Claire is taught the ways of Borealis. She begins exploring her sexuality in ways she never thought possible. The bond that develops between her and Marcus astounds even her as she tries to understand it.

There are tense moments where God, the Master of Borealis takes an unhealthy interest in Claire and it is up to Marcus to save her but only if Claire allows him to.

The book starts out with an air of mystery and drew me right in. The story moved along at a good pace and kept me turning each page. The BDSM element is well ingrained in the story and is the closest I have read in a fiction book that is close to what a true D/s relationship can be. The Sci/Fi element is well done and brings the story together making you want to believe in Borealis.

Overall Borealis is a well-written story that I found enthralling. I highly recommend the book especially if you are a fan of Sci/Fi and BDSM.