By | March 24, 2014

Just for the record I want everyone who reads my blog to know that W/we (myself and little flower) do not use our blog to air things between use. By the time something is posted on our respective blogs we have talked things through and they have been resolved, punishment received if needed and we have moved on. Writing about it is more of a chronicle of the dynamic of our relationship.

For those of you that read Kayla’s blog you know she is away on a business trip and has met with a couple friends from blog land Mr. TW and Mynx.
Everyone had a great time and one more meeting is happening before she returns back home.

Now that being said, Kayla has certain rules to follow and being long distance I have to take it on faith that she is being a good girl. I will say that she is a good girl but like everyone she is not perfect.

I monitor her eating habits, since she has a tendency to be an emotional eater due to a few slips that have occurred now before she eats or drinks anything it has to be approved by me. Many times this takes place in the form of an email in the morning telling me what has has planned for breakfast and lunch, which on a normal day to day basis works well. For dinner time or snacks it is usually a quick txt to me and I respond with a yea or a nay.

Now with her meeting Mr. TW and Mynx I gave her free reign for the night, one because she had been very good and I don’t deny her a treat now and again. So she went to dinner with them with no expectation of having to ask me about the entire meal and drinks.

The following night however this was not the case.

Saturday was a very busy day for me, first thing in the morning my motorcycle went into the shop for a much needed repair. Then that afternoon a birthday party, then from there to a class on BDSM and when you need to call 911. So I was on the move.

I knew she was meeting some colleagues that were there for the convention as well but through it all I never heard a peep. Now during the class I did have my phone on mute as I do not think it is appropriate when someone is giving a class to have your phone set to ring. During breaks I did check my messages and even sent her a few txt’s.
Now after the class I did get a txt from her that she was out with so and so and she had a few drinks.

It wasn’t until I got home that she called me and I could hear how drunk she was. Now I am not against drinking, I enjoy a drink now and again within reason. At the top of my list is a Jack and Coke on ice.

As she talked she was slurring her words, giggling, carrying on and even at one point I had to tell her to tone it down as she was shouting in my ear. I won’t go into what happened after that if you want to read about you can do so here: No you May Not

Sunday evening when she called we talked more in depth about what had happened and I offered my take on what it was. During the day I thought that it was possible that with her meeting with Mr. TW and Mynx it made her miss me even more and that she was acting out for attention. I listened to as she told me that wasn’t what it was.

She talked and I listened, what it came down to in the end it was peer pressure from the people she was with. So my question to her was, so your friends and putting pressure on you to drink is more important then following Daddy’s rules. She hesitated for a moment and responded that in a vanilla setting like this it isn’t always easy to follow protocol; pulling out her phone, txting me, and waiting for a response.

My immediate response to her was “I’m getting you a bracelet.” before I even finished she said I already gave her one.

This one would be different I told her, it would have something engraved on it. WWDD (What Would Daddy Do)

Then she brought up that it would be easier if we were together, and in some sense I have to agree it would be but then I pointed out to her that even if we were together she still would be away and on a business trip so there would still be that distance.
Again I answered with well little one, just keep in mind WWDD.

Now I am curious to others in a full time D/s relationship how do you handle such situations?

When you are in a totally vanilla setting how do you get around maintaining your D/s side following your rules without making it obvious to others what you are doing?