Assigning Tasks

By | July 28, 2013


I was reading a blog post by kayla lords about trust and doing tasks.

If you are in a long distance relationship (LDR) or you live with your sub, or it happens you travel a lot you will want a way to be able to keep up with the tasks you assign to your sub.

With the advent of smartphones there are a number of wonderful tools for doing just that.

For a good while I used an app called Astrid but since Yahoo bought them out the app will be going away I have had to find another..

I’ve played with a number of them to replace it and have found one that has caught my fancy. has seemed to fit the bill for me thus far.
The app is multiple platform so it can be run on Android or iPhone, plus it has a Google Chrome widget.
The widget allows you to turn an email into a task and add it to
The simplicity of the app is fair, it does have a decent FAQ although I had to do a search to find it.

With the app I can create a task, share it to her using her email address and when she marks it complete I am notified on my phone.

One of the things I do with the app is keep her in track with her workouts at the gym.
Once a week I set up her workout schedule for the up coming week, assign them to her and each day as she does her workouts she marks them complete.

The app also gives me the opportunity to assign random tasks to her throughout the day at any time.

Having the app also makes it fun, as at any point during the day I can set a task for her to stop what she is doing and go edge or use a particular toy.

There are a number of other to do apps out there and it is a matter of finding the one that works for you. is free which is always a good thing with no nag screens or advertisements.

Using an app like this also is one more tool in keeping that connection with your sub, letting them know you are paying attention to what they are doing.

Some of the others I had looked at are Wunderlist, todoist, and Remember the Milk to name a few.

How do you keep track of assigning tasks when in a LDR or away from home?