By | July 29, 2013

I struggled with this one, for some time I worked this over in my mind about how to approach it.
One I am not very good when it comes to writing about myself.
Two writing about how humble one is doesn’t sound very humble now does it.

Then I had an epiphany of sorts, I attend a local club in my area.
A couple times a month I go so I am getting to know more and more people there.

One person in particular has stood out.
The thing is he stands out not for most reasons people would think.

He is a quiet man, he speaks when he has something to say.
Even then it is not loud or over bearing.
When he does speak the other Dom’s around him listen.
He commands respect with out demanding it.

He is always willing to talk, answer questions, help in anyway he can.
When he answers you it is not in a way that says this is how it is or how it should be.
He does it in a way that makes you think.

He will openly tell you that he is no expert but he has researched subjects, talked to people.

He leads a Dominant discussion group, but if you ask him he doesn’t lead it he merely puts things out for people to discuss.

One evening while at the club a young couple asked if he would help them do a suspension.
He agreed wholeheartedly.
I sat at my table and watched him.
Nothing he did was without purpose, he took his time and explained what he was doing to the the couple and why.
I watched him as he did his wraps, his knots, each one perfect, slow and steady.
As I said, he will tell you he is no expert yet each wrap was lined up to the next.
Every knot placed where it needed to be. The suspension ropes going up to the loops were all even.
Once she was up in the air she was like a piece of art work.

He is someone I would strive to take after, he is strong but not brash.
His power, his strength comes not from shouting or yelling.
He is a teacher, a mentor yet he does not do so from a perch on high.

He is truly a humble man.