My Perspective: What’s in her Drawers

Okay, stop that, I know what you’re thinking here. I’m not talking about what’s in her knickers but in her drawers. We each have matching nightstands on each side of our bed and what she keeps in the top drawer is not what most folks normally keep in their nightstand. But then again we’re not… Read More »

My Perspective: From Behind

I just love the view from behind. After a shower Kayla loves to climb up on the bed and just chill. I love being in there when she does this. And yes, that is a corset lamp in the background, a birthday gift from me a few years ago. Lots of other folks are participating… Read More »

My Perspective: A Spank and a Wank

It ended with a spanking but began with a wank. I walked in the house for something I needed out in the shop and I heard her cries from the bedroom. Wondering first and foremost if she was okay I peeked in and saw her with a vibe having an orgasm. I almost, almost walked… Read More »

My Perspective: Elongated

Once I give Kayla permission to get into be she moves from my side to hers. Slowly and with deliberate movements she stretches herself out, her entire body elongated in the bed taking on an almost feline look.   Just a reminder that Kayla Lords and I are simultaneously participating in February Photofest this year.… Read More »

My Perspective: She Got It

Kayla came to me the other day asking for a therapy spanking. I could tell by her eyes that she needed it. She got what she asked for. Newton’s first law of motion is often stated as. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion….. The object stays… Read More »

My Perspective: Soothing Touch

My days can be hectic, doing this, doing that. From working in the shop and playing with my wood, to chasing down boys, making dinner, and replying to messages and emails. When the end of the day comes and we lay down in bed, it’s her hand, her touch that soothes and calms me. The… Read More »

My Perspective: A Contrast

Our ritual every night before we go to bed is that Kayla leans over the bed. I often fall into contemplating the contrast between her skin and my hand. Her skin so soft, supple, and creamy. My hand darkened by the sun, roughened skin with a callus or two, many tiny scars and marks from… Read More »