Her Panties

By | August 22, 2013


little flower and I didn’t enter into a D/s relationship right from the start, it began to grow over time as we got to know one another.
It was a gradual process that grew like a sprouting seed from Mother earth.

Each of us began testing the waters gradually so to speak, a little order here, a command there.
It was a testing process, a getting to know one another. See in one way she wasn’t looking for someone, nor was I.

Yet through all somehow we had found one another.

After things began to grow between us one of the things I began to do was to pick her panties out for her each day.

I had her take pictures of all her panties and send me the pictures, I then named them and uploaded them to a DropBox account.

Each morning when I get up and I am drinking my first cup of coffee for the day I browse through the pictures and pick her pair for the day.

Each time she buys a new pair she is to add them to the gallery and they become part of the rotation.

When we are together I still pick them out for her each day. While she is in the shower I will pick out a pair and leave them on her dresser.

There are times she doesn’t find a daily selection and she knows what that means, there are to be none.

Other times I will tell her to surprise me, she has learned my tastes and hasn’t disappointed me thus far.

When she came down for her visit and I took her to the club, prior she went shopping, picked out several outfits and I selected the one she got and wore.

As panties are retired the pictures are removed from the gallery but the panties are not yet tossed out. little flower is under instructions to save those for even they have a purpose.
One time I did a scene and I had her wear one of the old ones, I ripped them off her leaving them in tatters.
It made for a very intense and edgy scene.

So each day when she awakes she knows there will be a message waiting for her.