Keep Your Eyes on the Road

By | January 25, 2014

and your hands upon the wheel.

That Doors song was resonating through my head as I traveled this afternoon. It turned out to be a beautiful day to be on the road especially on a bike. I specifically plotted the trip to avoid Interstates and toll roads. Having done that I was rewarded with a beautiful trip through some backwoods and country roads that I haven’t seen the like of in some time.

The day was bright and sunny, the first time I needed to wear my sunglasses in weeks. With the temps we have had of late it was like a heat wave of 64 degrees. I was VERY thankful of that as I was not looking forward to wearing my cold weather gear for this trip being right around a 2 1/2 hour ride.

Now having come into some traffic and one spot of construction it turned into a 3 hour trip but it still was not bad at all. Once I was out in the country I saw quite a few other people on bikes taking advantage of the nice weather and I got to see things one doesn’t normally see anymore, working orange groves, driving past huge stand of Cypress trees surround by swamp on either side of the road, and there were farms with cattle and horses out and about in the fields.

When I arrived at the hotel I messaged little flower that I had arrived, she was impatient as usual. Why are you calling me get up here. Now I will admit that I was a bit impatient myself. I locked up the bike, grabbed my bag and hightailed it up to her room.

I barely knocked when the door was flung open and there she was!

We wrapped one another up in our arms and kissed deep and long. We talked for a bit, she sat on the edge of the bed and I was pacing a bit trying to stretch out my muscles from the ride. At one point she leaned back on the bed and I could see her panties peeking out from under her dress. Unable to resist I began rubbing her mound through the thin fabric, it wasn’t long before she was begging me for an orgasm. I refused her.

I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I needed something in my stomach. We went downstairs and there being a Starbucks right in the hotel I was right at home. I got a coffee, sandwich, and a piece of coffee cake and we headed back up to the room.

Once there she lay back on the edge of the bed once more and I began playing with her needy pussy. Again she begged for permission to cum and I told her no. I then stopped and told her I needed to step away for a moment, when I return I expect to see her laying right there in the same spot in the same position minus her panties.

Like the good girl she is she did everything I asked, I then took the desk chair and rolled it to the edge of the bed, sat down and grabbed her legs raising them in the air exposing that glorious pussy. With no hesitation I dove in with my tongue, I flicked, I kissed, I licked, I sucked, and I bit that beautiful pussy over and over again, some times soft and slow, some times hard and fast, other times just tracing along the outside of her lips.

I lost track of how many times she came but it was many, I lapped up her juices as they flowed sating my thirst.

40 minutes later I stopped and she was limp and shaking in the bed. I held her for a while, stroking her hair, I love running my fingers through her hair and kissing her forehead. We talked again and in our conversation she told me she wanted my cock. I told her no.

She had to go to a banquet soon, I know how she can be. When she gets wound up about something she is passionate about she talks. I told her if she wanted it she would have to wait till after the banquet, this would give her incentive to come right back and not waste any time.

Since she smelled like sex she jumped in the shower to freshen up for the dinner. As she was getting dressed she thought she was being cute and began wiggling her ass in front of me. Now that usually elicits some playful swats from me but I knew she was trying to tease me for not giving her what she wants.

Instead she got several very hard, very well placed smacks on that wiggly little ass of hers. 5 per cheek to be exact and her ass was glowing bright. When she sits down to eat she will remember what happened.

I twined my hands in her hair grabbing a fistful and I whispered explicit instructions for her after she is able to leave the banquet and she returns to the room.

Now that I’ve had a snack it’s time for me to have some food.

On that note I leave you with this song: