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Strong yet Fragile

submissive’s are tough, they are strong, they have a great deal of courage. For them to give of themselves as they do it makes them vulnerable. It leaves them laid bare. They completely open themselves; their heart, their soul, and their mind. Yes, They love the painYes, They love it rough Yes, They’ll take it… Read More »

The power of a cuddle

After the spanking is done After she has been pinched After she has been bitten and left with marks After the ropes have been untied After the wild and kinky sex, After she has been pushed past her limits of orgasms After she has squirted and gushed till dry After she is nothing more then… Read More »

Life update

Things are settling down once more, I trust everyone who celebrated had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Myself I had a wonderful time, made another road trip, this time by car which turned out to be a very wise choice with the amount of rain that was unleashed over the weekend. Thanks to all… Read More »

Her Lips

Lately I have been thinking about her lips. How soft and delicate they are. How they taste so sweet. How her breath catches when our lips meet. How her head arches up in anticipation as my lips draw near hers. How her eyes sparkle and shine. How I take her chin in my hand raising… Read More »