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Strong yet Fragile

submissive’s are tough, they are strong, they have a great deal of courage. For them to give of themselves as they do it makes them vulnerable. It leaves them laid bare. They completely open themselves; their heart, their soul, and their mind. Yes, They love the painYes, They love it rough Yes, They’ll take it… Read More »

The power of a cuddle

After the spanking is done After she has been pinched After she has been bitten and left with marks After the ropes have been untied After the wild and kinky sex, After she has been pushed past her limits of orgasms After she has squirted and gushed till dry After she is nothing more then… Read More »


Everyone has walls to some degree; vanilla, submissive, or even Dominant they are there. What varies is the measure of how high and how thick they can be. I even have a fairly good understanding of why submissives build walls…they have to some degree been hurt in ways that most could never begin to understand.… Read More »