Why I Wear a Safety Pin

I wear a safety pin, every day. I wear it when I go to work, when I go get coffee, no matter what I do I am wearing a safety pin. Often am I asked by people why am I wearing one. My answer will slightly vary depending on who I am talking to but… Read More »

Where in the World is SouthernSir (aka John Brownstone)

I have been absent from here for quite some time. So much has been happening some good some not so good. That’s just life. Since the last time writing here my main priority has been to take care of Kayla. As most of you know know from her opening up and writing about her anxiety… Read More »

Do You Appreciate? #BDSM

I had a very interesting chat with someone the other day about whether I have rules and protocols that babygirl must follow. To which I replied why yes I do. This led to another question as to whether I appreciate the tasks she does for me. I didn’t even hesitate in the least little bit… Read More »

Hard Reboot #BDSM

It has been full of insanity around here since Thanksgiving. I had hoped after Turkey had come and passed that things would be a bit more manageable. Even putting a plan together moving forward didn’t help as life had other ideas. My job has become the bane of my existence.  We had one person retire… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving. On this day I leave you with this song which was a tradition when growing up. Enjoy the original 1967 version of Arlo Guthrie singing Alice’s Restaurant.  

Aligning Limits #BDSM

TDP #31 “You do not have to do The Thing. You don’t. Someone can want it, desire it, even expect it in their relationships. But there is choice. And just as they have the choice to expect, you have the choice to deny. They may want it, desire it, expect it. But they cannot demand… Read More »

Breaking My Silence

It has been a while since I have written, either here on social media or even on Tumblr. The last post I made on Tumblr was several weeks ago and I stated I would be taking a short hiatus. As many of you may know from following Kayla, my sister passed away Aug 2. She… Read More »

Taking Back Me #BDSM

It’s been a while, to long in one aspect and in others not long enough. I’ve taken a hiatus from my Tumblr page. As much as I love the imagery among other things of late it holds no catharsis for me. For a while now I haven’t felt much like Daddy, for a while now… Read More »

The New Normal #CancerSucks

Nothing sexy or hot to see here today, not even some wise words of wisdom that talk about the wonders of living a D/s lifestyle with a lovely submissive. If you want that you can either go here Kayla Lords or here Whispers in the Dark. Sorry but this is going to be a bit… Read More »

Get in her Mind #BDSM

We have a ritual at night, it occurs each and every might at bedtime. Before babygirl (Kayla) can come to bed she must kneel by the bed and ask my permission to come to bed. Before I grant her permission it has become a standing occurrence that I stand over her. She will wiggle that… Read More »