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Dominance can be painful #BDSM

This world of D/s can be an amazing thing when you delve into it lock stock and barrel, Kayla has written SO many times about how it is more then just the sex. Oh sure there is the structure, the protocols, the punishments, etc. As a Dominant it is about pushing the subs boundaries which… Read More »

I’m Tired Daddy #MasturbationMonday

It was the end of another long day and we made our way upstairs for some much needed sleep. This night being no different then any other we crawled into bed and we each read for a little while with some conversation thrown in the mix in between. Finally Kayla rolled over and looked at… Read More »

Flogger Basics #BDSM

Very early on when I read the Gor books by John Norman I became fascinated by floggers. Floggers became one of the first toys I learned how to use. As I grew and learned how to use one I became interested in Florentine, using two floggers together at the same time. I looked for resources… Read More »